Chennai Expat Guide


The Chennai Expat Guide is the only book you need if you are moving to Chennai. Filled with the kind of information only expats who’ve moved here would know, it includes true accounts from my ten years of living in the city and hilarious anecdotes from dozens of expats from around the world who have made Chennai their home.

Last updated in August 2018, this 235 page book answers every question you might have (and plenty that you never knew to ask) about moving to Chennai.


This is a small extract from the book that talks about communication when talking to your colleagues or people outside of work.

The three languages of communication in Chennai are Tamil, English and car horn. Your colleagues will all speak English to varying degrees. Some people that have moved from rural parts of the State may have a hard time understanding your accent, but are otherwise able to communicate in English fine. Outside the office, people such as taxi drivers, waiters, delivery boys, shop assistants etc. will be able to understand various keywords and basic sentences – in a similar way that you might be able to pick up a few keywords and lines in Tamil.

However if they mostly speak Tamil and only switch to English when spoken to in English, it’s important that you try to use the simplest sentence structure and clearest choice of words possible. You have to avoid idioms, catchphrases (“knocked the ball out of the park” “that really blindsided us” “we don’t want a joker in the pack” “can you take a stab at that”) and other slang and jargon in order to be understood properly. When you come to India, you’ll be surprised to discover just how much of these you use in your everyday speech.

I often find that when I’m speaking to someone who has a very basic understanding of English, I’m thinking so hard about using the simplest words or syntax that what comes out is a garbled mess that confuses people even more!


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Living in Chennai is going to be a roller coaster ride from the moment you made the decision to move to the moment you leave. The Chennai Expat Guide is your essential guide to ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible. Don’t get caught out with any cultural faux pars and know what to expect from the layers of bureaucracy that seem to conspire to send your blood pressure through the roof!

Buy the book today and get it shipped to your door. (Or download it from the Kindle store).