Peter Claridge - Author of Chennai Expat Guide

Hi there! I’m Peter and I’ve been living in Chennai for over eight years. I love the city so much that I wrote the Chennai Expat Guide.

To answer a few common questions…I’m from the UK. Yes, I love the local food and can’t get enough of any dish that contains paneer. I’m a bit of a paneer monster. I cope with the weather very well by travelling in an air conditioned car (usually an Uber or Ola), working in an air conditioned office and coming home to an air conditioned apartment. And alas, Tamil teri illa 🙁

By day I work for a social media analytics company and by night, well I sleep like most normal people. What else were you expecting?

I have dreams of one day playing for Manchester United, writing a best selling novel and turning up to work on time. At the time of writing, Jose Mourinho hasn’t called me back and Chennai’s traffic is getting worse and worse so all hopes are pinned on the novel.

My wife secretly dreams that one day I’ll wake up and wear a shirt without being told to and that I’ll choose to eat something other than paneer for dinner.

I blog about my adventures and experiences living in India on my personal blog.