People & Culture

The people of Chennai cross every socio-economic strata and religion and often live within close quarters of one another. A strong emphasis on academics along with Government initiatives like free school meals ensures a workforce that is educated to above the national average.

Hospitality runs in the blood of all people from South India. Nothing is ever too much trouble and guests are treated with an almost royal-like reverence.

The Culture

Each city in India is very different, they each have their own feel, their own vibe and curiously, even their own smell. Speaking to an expat who has lived in Mumbai for three years will give a very different account to someone living in Chennai for two years.

The south Indian culture is one of conservativeness, modesty and hospitality. A huge amount of importance is put on the education of children, often at the expense of luxuries like vacation and travel.

Hinduism runs thickly through the veins of the city. Every neighbourhood will have several temples, most quite small, some quite large and a few may be hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Faith makes up an important part of many people’s lives and regular trips are taken outside the city to various temples of great significance.

For every event or celebration, ceremonies called Pujas (or spelt as Pooja) are conducted with a priest chanting Sanskrit verses while fuelling a small fire with ghee (milk fat) and oil.

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