Chennai Weather

Chennai is a sub-tropical coastal city. Temperatures can soar to 42 degrees in the summer and fall to 18 degrees in the winter. The proximity to the sea means the humidity is consistently high and will fluctuate between 60-90% humidity. This means that the ‘real feel’ temperature is often a lot higher.

Overall, Chennai is a dry city, where months can pass without a rain shower. However, when it does rain it does so with such volume that streets are inundated with water and localized flooding happens across the city.

The monsoon, which is actually a weather pattern that happens to bring rains rather than referring to the rains itself, doesn’t affect Chennai as much as it does the northern states in India.

The first monsoon, known as the south-west summer monsoon, settles in between April and September. During this time the western part of India can get battered with rain while Chennai may only get a few rain spells as spill over.

The second monsoon, known as the north-east winter monsoon, comes around late October through to March. Chennai isn’t directly affected but temperatures will ease off down to 28-35 degrees and early mornings from October to December are punctuated by brief but heavy rain showers.

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