Detox With Vinotherapy at Hyatt Regency

Detox With Vinotherapy at Hyatt Regency

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This is a guest post by my wife, who was invited to review the new Vinotherapy at the Siddha Spa at Hyatt Regency Chennai.


This is going to be a hot, steamy, sticky post, so brace yourself.

I’m a bit of a spa monster. I love massages. For an hour or so, all your worries are put on hold and you can let someone pamper you while you switch off. You can sit in a steam-filled room with zero visibility and sweat till everything is soft. I love back massages, head massages, foot massages. But the Vinotherapy massage was something of a new experience – with wine like I’d never had it before.

“Would you like to take a steam now or after the therapy?” asked the masseuse. Later, please! The changing area at the Siddha Spa is luxurious. You get your own locker to dump all your stuff and your phone in, and change into a fluffy robe & slippers. She then led me into the treatment room, where she washed my feet in a giant bowl of warm water and rose petals. I had a shot of carrot and ginger decoction waiting for me. Oh my, the pampering begins.

Now it’s important to know at this point in the story, that I’m a fidgety person. Like, really fidgety. It takes me at least 30 minutes to find the right position to sleep in. Ask anyone I’ve shared a bed with and they’ll attest to my being a complete pain. (Don’t go getting any ideas, that 2-member list begins with my mum and ends with my husband). So needless to say, I’m not the best massage client in the world. I fidget so much, the therapist cannot stop asking if I’m comfortable.

She asked me to disrobe and get onto the massage table, which was strangely covered in a plastic sheet. Hmm, maybe it’s easier to clean, I thought. I sat on the bed to discover it was really hot! My backside was not expecting that! She then explained to me that this therapy includes a 30 minute body wrap, and then a 60 minute body massage.

“Oh, cool” I said, expecting to be covered in warm towels. Instead, she gently rubbed me from neck to toe with a warm oil that made my skin wake up and take notice. “What’s in this oil?” “It’s aloe-vera, grape, and wine.”

When every inch of me was covered in wine, she proceeded to wrap me with the plastic sheet, pulled an enormous warm plastic electric blanket over me, and then zipped me up on the sides so I was in a body bag of sorts with my head sticking out. I had no freedom of movement here, was lying on a hot bed, with a hot blanket, covered in a wine concoction.

She covered my eyes with a sleep mask; my fidgety brain had to come to terms with the fact that no positions could be changed, no itches could be tended to. Then I heard the door shut and I feared she’d left me there by myself.

But she was there, giving me the most blissful head massage. Slowly but surely my inhibitions gave way to complete relaxation, catalysed by the soft music and the lovely warmth that enveloped me. She pressed out the stress from the bridge of my nose, across my forehead, and out my scalp.

I could feel myself sinking into it all, just letting go and enjoying every bit of it. “That’s 30 minutes ma’am, you can take a shower now. We will start the body massage after the shower.”

I stepped into the plush shower room, where she had left fresh towels and all other amenities for me. The rainshower felt incredible, washing away every last bit of squishy grape (yep, real purple grapes!) The 60 minute full body massage followed, with grapeseed oil – another first for me.

It felt a lot denser than other usual massage oils, and when she was done, it didn’t feel like there was much to scrub out. Her technique was excellent, the pressure perfect. At the end of an hour, every muscle was revitalised.

I then sat in the steam room for about 15 minutes, sweating every pore in my body out before jumping in the shower again, and finishing the most indulgent therapy with a cup of tulsi tea. I emerged glowing – my skin felt radiant, my thoughts were clear, my hair felt lush, and now I can’t wait to go back for more Vinotherapy!

The Hyatt Regency houses the Siddha Spa, which has a special Vinotherapy the whole of November. Grapes and wine contain antioxidants which are excellent for your skin, and are said to have anti-aging and exfoliating properties. The warm 30 minute body wrap makes this therapy unique – ensuring all the goodness of wine and grapes sinks right into your skin.

365 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India

Tel: +91 44 61001234
Mob: +91 9176633310


  1. Sounds delightful! I suspect Sarah will want to pursue this one soon!

    1. It did sound a bit squishy, that’s why I volunteered my wife for this one. But I think she was quite the willing volunteer.

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