How Many Types of Momos Have You Tried?

How Many Types of Momos Have You Tried?

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Before I arrived in India, my entire knowledge of Chinese cooking could be summed up as Sweet and Sour Chicken. Or rather, item 37 from the Chinese takeaway menu. Thanks to the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, my Chinese food horizons have been expanded. Earlier, we went to try their sichuanese food festival. This time we were back to experience their new Yum-Yum Dim Sum food festival which included a variety of specially prepared momos and dumplings.

The vegetarian dim sum platter costs Rs 588 and the non-veg costs Rs 688. Both prices exclude tax, so don’t forget to add the new 18% GST to those prices!

Kicking things off was the dumpling soup. For me, it was the seafood dumpling soup. I must admit that I was quite nervous when they brought it out. The last time I had Chinese seafood soup at another restaurant, and entire squid with all its tentacles floated up to greet my spoon. Fortunately, there were no tentacles in this soup, just a delicious dumpling.

Next up for both the veggies and meat-eaters was the baos. These are like giant dough balls packed with vegetables and meat on the inside. Instead of being baked, they are steamed. No Chinese meal would be complete without pork, and the non-veg bao starts things off with a sticky pork filling.

Finally, we moved on to the dumplings and momos. I honestly never knew you could have such variety. It seems that you can make any kind of filling, wrap it up and steam it until cooked.

For vegetarians, the fillings include a unique wasabi dumpling, spinach and garlic, and a asparagus and mixed veg momo. The non-veg fillings included prawns, sea bass and chicken. Each momo was wrapped in a unique style

To round things out after all the momos, a lamb kothy was served. To my untrained eye they looked a lot like the aloo parathas that my wife makes at home. The technique is the same, but the filling is minced lamb.

About the Yum Yum Dim Sum Food Festival

The special menu includes 5 items for vegetarians and 6 items for the non-veg option. Along with the steamed momos, items on the menu include steamed bao and soup. The menu should be enough to fill you up, but if you’re still hungry you can order from the a la carte menu or save some room for dessert! The food festival is on until 17th September at the Stix restaurant at the Hyatt Regency.

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  1. Sounds marvelous and your photos and descripions are making my mouth water! I need do a better job of scouting ahead for all the special foodie events at the Hyatt Regency so we don’t keep missing them!

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