Street Food Sunday Buffet at Grand by GRT Hotels

Street Food Sunday Buffet at Grand by GRT Hotels

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Bazaar @ Grand By GRT Hotels Sunday Brunch Review
Sample street food from across India and around the world at the Grand by GRT Hotels' Sunday Brunch.
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bazaar restaurant buffet at grand by grt hotels

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels is in the heart of the city, located in Chennai’s commercial and retail district, and a landmark in its own right. The property has just undergone a major refurbishment which saw the entire hotel shut down, stripped back to the bones and rebuilt. For anyone that had visited the hotel prior to the refurbishment would today feel like they are walking into a completely different building.

I’m struggling to think of way to describe the ambiance. It’s not modern or contemporary, but neither is traditional or opulent. It somehow successfully combines elements from every style to create something which has its own personality, like a boutique hotel done on a grand scale. When you go and eat there, you’ll understand.

My wife and I were invited to try out the Sunday brunch at the Bazaar restaurant located in and around the central atrium. The brunch has been called the Sunday Sundai, why, I asked? Sundai is the Tamil word for market, so you can see what they did there! The setup and level of detail in the food counters is well beyond what I’ve seen in many of the multi-national chain hotels. The restaurant is as much a visual treat as it is a tasty one. The restaurant itself has been decorated with reclaimed wood, even the tables are made from reclaimed wood. Large rice sacks have been cleaned and adorn the walls. It’s a little bit like sitting in an old, very well decorated food warehouse or middle eastern bazaar.

The cost of the brunch is Rs 1,499+ tax for the non-alcoholic option and you can add Rs 500 to get unlimited alcoholic drinks such as beer, local spirits and Indian Made Foreign Liquour (IFML) with mixers). For children over the age of 10, the cost is Rs 1,299+ tax.


The restaurant manager took us through each counter to explain each dish available. If you’re not sure where to start, asking a waiting staff to take you through the dishes is recommended! The driving concept behind the buffet is street food, particularly from the streets and cities of India, but also from around the world.

As one of those people who are on a perpetual diet, one counter I really appreciated was the size-zero counter. Filled with healthy dishes that are big on taste but low on those pesky carbs.

size zero counter at grt grand buffet

One counter not to miss is the super bowl. This counter lets you choose your pasta type, all your meat and vegetable additions and the chefs whip it up into tasty pasta dishes. Don’t go too crazy though because there’s so much more to sample from the buffet than the pasta dishes.

The live grill lets you choose your meats and even create your own wraps and tortillas. I asked the waiting staff to surprise me and I was brought a spicy Mexican wrap which I wolfed down. The meat grill has all the usual meats like chicken, lamb and seafood.

grt grand live grill brunch

While I was savoring the pasta and meats, my wife was busy trying the many vegetarian options. A live chaat counter makes the street food that’s famous throughout India, but, like the pasta dishes, just remember to limit yourself to two or three so you don’t fill yourself up and miss out on everything else!

indian dishes at grt grand sunday brunch

For children, a brightly coloured display had me wishing I was six once again. As I looked at the small chicken burgers and fried potato cutlets, my wife gently guided my attention back to the size zero counter. In addition to the colourful kids counter, children can be entertained with a balloon station, face painting and henna tattoos. Keep an eye out for a sugar rush though, the counters are filled with so many tempting cupcakes and sweets that kids may not be able to resist!

kids food counter grt grand brunch

One nice touch that the Grand Chennai has added to their Sunday Brunch is a small farmer’s market. If you want to pick up some organic food like pulses, fruits, vegetables and herbs, there’s an organic food stall near the entrance.

The highlight of the buffet for me was the extensive desert counter and made spending time at the low-carb counter worthwhile! Row upon row of cakes, Indian sweets and freshly cut fruits adorn large counters. The real attraction though is the deserts made with liquid nitrogen. This molecular gastronomy dessert counter uses liquid nitrogen to freeze meringue and when combined with chocolate sauce made for a very tasty finale to the buffet.

grt grand brunch desserts

Visiting Grand by GRT Hotels

The Sunday buffet at Grand by GRT Hotels is very popular with families, and during our dining every table was occupied. Reservation is definitely recommended, or turn up really early to ensure that you get a table.

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Call: 044-2815-0500

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