Sunday Brunch at Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort

Sunday Brunch at Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort

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Water's Edge @ Radisson Blu Temple Bay Sunday Brunch
The chefs at the Sunday brunch at Temple Bay will ensure you have a dining experience to remember. Simply tell them what you are in the mood for and they'll work to deliver it.
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Temple Bay Mahabalipuram

There’s nothing quite like escaping the city at the weekend. The luxury resorts that line the beach between the city and Mahabalipuram make that desire to escape all the more tempting. One of the biggest resorts on the ECR is the Radisson Blu Temple Bay resort. Nestled just inside the ancient town of Mahabalipuram, it is also perhaps the oldest of all the resorts.

My wife and I were invited by Temple Bay to come and sample their Sunday brunch at the Water’s Edge restaurant, located in the main building of the resort. A few years back, the thought of reaching Mahabs for a brunch was silly talk but the widening and straightening of the ECR, not to mention the unstoppable urban creep, has changed all that.

From the heart of Chennai, we were able to reach Temple Bay in about an hour and twenty minutes thanks to an Ola outstation taxi. The entire cost there and back, including the driver waiting several hours while we had lunch, was Rs 2,650 plus road tolls.

At the Water’s Edge restaurant we got the opportunity to sit with the Executive Chef where we could put all our questions to him.

If there’s one thing that he would like you all to know, it’s that you should talk to the chefs and waiting staff at Temple Bay about what you want to eat. He ensures that during the brunch, his chefs are available to take food requests, even if you don’t see it on the buffet. Did that include a rack of New Zealand lamb*, I asked in hope. The chef laughed at me and said all requests are taken within reason.

As the chef took us around the dishes, he took great pains to point out that each dish is specially labelled so you know if it contains allergens or if a dish is suitable for people with various dietary requirements.

allergen advice temple bay

The buffet cost is Rs 2,200 for unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. With unlimited alcohol, the cost is Rs 2,900. For children, the cost is Rs 1,200. The resort also has a special all day pass where you get access to the pool and various resort amenities for Rs 3,200 per person. All prices include tax. Temple Bay only gives a limited number of these all day passes over the weekend so arrive early or see if you can book in advance.

The restaurant manager told us that families make up most of their guests during the weekends and kids in particular love the restaurant. Alongside a kids only counter that contains plenty of bite-sized savouries and sweets, there is a balloon artist to make balloon dogs and swords for all the children.

kids menu at grt temple bay

To kick things off, I tried the dried fruits from the starter counter. I’ve never had dried pineapple before and found it strange that even though the fruit has been dried, it still retains its juicy taste. We also tried the fried paneer – so tasty I snuck back for seconds!

starters and cocktails at temple bay

I’ve been watching my carbs the last couple of weeks (and it’s really working!) so even though there was some freshly baked bread available, I skipped that option. The same goes for the rice and biryani options.

Instead of one of the many Indian dishes, I chose to make a beeline for the live tandoor counter outside. There I spoke to the chef about some of the items he was cooking. For the green dots (vegetarians) broccoli is marinated in a mustard sauce and baked in the tandoor. The marinade is quite strong so if you are not keen on mustard then you might have to skip this option. For the rest of us, there are various meat options that can be cooked to your requirement.

tandoor chef at radisson temple bay

One mistake I made was when ordering the chicken. The chef put an entire skewer of chicken legs on my plate when I really only wanted a couple to taste. I should probably have told him before he cooked it that I just wanted a couple of pieces.

meat fresh from the tandoor oven

By the time I had finished munching through a plateful of chicken legs, grilled fish and lamb, very little room was left for anything else. That is of course, until I checked out the dessert counter. One of everything, please waiter! The theme for the weekend we were there was bananas (as in the fruit, not crazy). I took a couple of fried banana fritters with chocolate sauce along with some banoffee pie. Did I mention my recent low carb diet? Oops.

banana desserts grt temple bay

Bellies full, taste buds satisfied, we just about found some room to wash everything down with some afternoon tea. It would have been great to stay at the resort and relax by the pool on one of the sun beds or play giant chess down near the beach, but we had to race back to the city for a wedding. Next time though 🙂

Visiting Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort

Reaching Temple Bay is fairly easy today, however a regular Uber or Ola won’t go that far. If you want to take an Ola Outstation, it costs around Rs 2,500 plus tolls and can be higher if you use the car all day and cover more than 200 KM. Alternatively you can take a bus which costs between Rs 25 to Rs 100 per person. The stop point is the middle of Mahabs which is just a short walk to the resort. For couples and small parties, booking shouldn’t be necessary but for parties of five or more people you should definitely reserve your table in advance. If you want day access to the resort then definitely book in advance.

[gmap title=”Radisson Blu Temple Bay” show_heading=”0″ latitude=”12.6236642″ longitude=”80.1924849″ zoom=”17″ width=”100%” height=”350px” map_type=”ROADMAP”]

Call: 044-2744-3636

* As something of a veteran when it comes to five star restaurant menus in Chennai, I know that New Zealand lamb is something most restaurants carry but it’ll also be the most expensive item on the menu.

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