Visas & Immigration

Visa Requirements & Immigration Office

India is very particular about the visa you need when you come to India. Tourism is being encouraged in the country so visas on arrival are being extended to citizens of a number of different countries.

However, for any type of work (including volunteer work), business, study, journalism, entertainer or medical visits, special visas must be applied for with supporting evidence.

Working in India

Over the years the Indian Government has tightened the rules and regulations around foreigners working in India. There are a number of criteria that must be met for a foreigner to come to India to work.

  1. The company must prove it made an attempt to hire a local person but no suitable person was found
  2. The company must pay the foreigner a minimum of $25,000 (around 125,000 rupees per month) which should not include benefits like housing, servants and other additional benefits
  3. The period of work is for one year which can be extended each year for up to four additional years

FRRO Registration

Every foreigner who comes to India and plans to be in the country for at least six months must register with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO). Failure to register will cause problems at the airport when it comes to leaving the country.

The FRRO in Chennai is located on Haddows Road in Nungambakkam. A large number of documentation is required to register and you need to set aside the entire day for this process.

You need to book an appointment at the FRRO through the Indian Immigration website here. Try to get there as early as possible.

Visa Renewals

Your employment visa is valid for one year and can be extended up to four times to bring the total amount of time you are allowed to work to five years.

At least one month before your visa is due to expire, you need to visit the FRRO to request an extension. Use the Indian Immigration website to book an appointment here.